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Post by Mistdrake on Mon May 11, 2015 4:58 pm

|--Basic Information--|

Nickname:The Wolf

|--Physical Information--|

Weight:180 lbs.
Physical Appearance:"The Wolf" Pbucket
Distinguishing Features:The eye patch, pointed teeth, clawed gauntlet on right arm.


Personality:He's cold, he's cruel, and he will kill you. His morals are skewed at best and non existent at the worst. Nothing in this world drives him more then money and his skills go to the highest bidder. He's also a bit of a show men, and is the type to show off and monologue to his targets. Often times if he's hired for a kill and the victim wants to be found, they'll be found in artsy and creative ways. And if given the chance for a good fight or a challenge, he will take it.

Backstory:Not much is known about his past. His employer was very effective at wiping his past so that it would be harder to trace. Since starting to make his presence known though, The Wolf has gotten work done. He's been hunting down awakened successors and most of the time, the people he gets to disappear. There has been one known instance in which he left a body. It was gruesome, and it was public. It sent a message though, that whoever had hired The Wolf meant business, and that awakened individuals should be on guard

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Rivals:Fox, other goody two shoes
Known Techniques:Hand to hand combat, weapons handling, technology
Owned Weapons: Bladed hand gun, Tranquilizer rifle, portable reflector.

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"The Wolf" Empty Re: "The Wolf"

Post by youarereta98 on Mon May 11, 2015 9:01 pm

Looks good to me! Approved unless stated otherwise.


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