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Post by Avaritia on Wed May 06, 2015 12:13 am

|--Basic Information--|

Name: Bridgit Evolence
Nickname: n/A
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 13th

|--Physical Information--|

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Appearance:
Bridgit Evolence Mahime_Onikiri

Distinguishing Features:
Besides odd, violet eyes, Bridgit is paler than most. She is also noticeably ambidextrous. These, however, are small traits, so she typically isn't seen as far from the norm.


Bridgit is often soft spoken and shy, keeping to the background of things and rarely making herself the center of attention. It doesn't mean she never wants to be involved in things, but she can rarely bring herself to do so, which also pits against her self esteem because she never builds up enough courage to step up and make herself a part of a group. She's often overlooked because of her quietness, and she seems to always feel doubt about truly being a part of the group of people she calls her friends and she also realizes that no one but herself truly knows her, and that she's never quite held a conversation long enough to get to know anyone beyond basic knowledge. In the most accurate terms, it's a self-created isolation in a person that wants to be understood, to be noticed by somebody. Beyond her shy exterior, Bridgit is a kind soul who's often thoughtful toward others. She has an adventurous side and loves exploring new places or trying out new things. She likes to think of herself as an optimist, but the most true to her personality would range in the middle of the two, often bouncing between optimism and pessimism depending on the mood that's most prevalent within her. She can bounce between moods rather quickly because of her lack of self-esteem and lack of anyone or anything to vent these emotions toward, however, she rarely shows what she's really feeling externally. If she's sad, her eyes might moisten or anger may cause her to clench her jaw, but little else can signify what she's feeling. This only causes her difference from others to be even greater, as there's little anyone can tell about what she's feeling and can say the wrong thing at the wrong time to her because of this. Usually, she's level-headed about things and rarely takes sides in conflicts, even if she's caught in the middle of them. Though soft-spoken, she has respectable manners and acts to them. She's rarely rude or mean to anyone unless outright irritated or angry, and those are two emotions she doesn't often feel.

While interacting with others, Bridgit will often avert her gaze and allow the conversation to trail into awkward silence. She rarely seeks out conversation or talks to strangers, but if approached, won't directly ignore anyone who somehow noticed her long enough to talk. She's oddly good at remembering personal details like names, favorites, and other trivial things about the people she's spoken to. She rarely offers up many personal opinions or information about what she likes and dislikes to them, however, preferring to listen rather than speak and knowing that most of her passing discussions are a one-time thing and she'd probably never see that person again. She has a clear set of morals, but can be conflicted by what she believes is right compared to what the masses or society believes is right, and can straddle the moral boundary if she decides what actions she feels are right are better than the more logical options. Her sense of humor is rarely found, but if it does crop up, it can be seen as dry. She also enjoys making puns, though often keeping them in her head, and may even chuckle out loud if she finds the opportunity for a good one. The thing that irritates her the most are people that flaunt their popularity or status or are condescending toward her, quite ironic because of her Ancestor. She holds a soft spot for cats and other small, fluffy animals and even owns one herself.

Bridgit has a keen memory for details and the small stuff, often overlooking the big picture. If she reads a textbook, she may remember what pictures were in which chapters, but what the chapters covered would be much fuzzier to her and harder to recall. She has a phobia of elevators, often worrying herself of whether they'll even open again once she steps inside. It's an odd fear, but one she's had since she was a child. Also coming from early in her life is her strange ability of being ambidextrous, a skill not many other people have and one she can't remember not having. She often blushes or gets slightly embarrassed when someone figures out she interchanges her dominant hands and comments on it. She lacks many motivations, and doesn't focus much on trying to find a goal for herself. At her age, though, she worries about the next step in her life and what she's going to do with it. She isn't a superstitious person, but does believe in things like karma and luck. She enjoys warm days as well as the rain, and sweets are her favorite food. Though childish, her greatest means of relaxing have always been climbing trees and getting away from the world for a while, and she's had a lot of experience doing so. She dislikes strong winds, but doesn't have much to complain about in regards to the things in her life.

Bridgit wants nothing more than to actually be noticed and make friends, but she's making that desire quite difficult for herself. She also wants to figure out exactly what she wants to do in her life, and needs to pretty quickly. She fears that when she does decide what she wants to do with her life, or when she finds her calling, that it won't be something she's good at or will enjoy. She also fears that she'll always be alone in life. These fears are very real in her mind, especially now that she's living alone. She'll often escape to the outdoors because of this, or wander to locations she's not quite familiar with in order to experience something new enough to keep her mind occupied. She plans on attending college and getting a job, and these are her immediate short-term goals. Every time she meets someone new, she regrets not taking any initiative to actually get to know them or see them again, and every time she does happen across a glance of them, the regret only stings more. Often, their eyes will wander right past her and she'll know they've completely forgotten her. She doesn't have the voice or courage to approach and remind them, so she can only hang onto that regret and watch them pass by, busy with their own life to worry about a girl they don't even remember. Bridgit's adventurous spirit in regards other than people helps her remain courageous in the face of new challenges and also helps her navigate things like the wilderness or narrowed alley ways. Her attention to small details helps her know when things aren't quite right if she's familiar with a person or place, and her enjoyment of knowledge has helped her get through things like school and moving on into the adult world with more ease than others. Her shyness, however, is her greatest weakness. All of her fears, regrets, and other emotions seem to stem from her inability to maintain human connection. This is her greatest weakness: the fact that she sees herself as alone, and thus, is alone because of it.

While the Evolence family had almost always been aware of their connection to the odd soul that was once known as Demon Lord Ghirahim and Demon King Demise's weapon, Bridgit herself was not. Her story starts with the fact that she is the younger sibling to a brother one year older than she. Even from an early age, it was clear that the family seemed to spend great attention to him, and Bridgit always seemed left out of things like family meetings. The bond of siblings is usually a strong power, and despite the secrecy and obvious and almost hurtful favoritism, the two were quite close. She never got along well with her parents because of the focus they put on her brother, but she never blamed him for their actions.

Life went on for quite a while as she became used to the treatment she received from her family. She and her brother often chat, though when the subject turned toward what he spent all day with his parents doing, the subject would abruptly change and she never quite got her answers. They were opposites, her brother being charismatic, easily making friends and connections with others. She was currently attending middle school and spending most of her time either pent up in her room or outside. It was about this time that perhaps in part due to the ignorance of her parents that she began to develop the current, crippling shyness that she still feels in her current days. This was also about the time she started her habit of wandering off and climbing trees or just walking the day away, rarely staying at home or the same place for long. She'd leave for school in the early hours, grab a snack, and go out the door without a word. It became habit, and although her parents initially made the point of asking where she was going and why she was coming home so late, they gave up on doing so within weeks and both were left to their own devices. She was only growing more distant as the clock ticked by, and it was almost as if she were the only person in the world, the only person who truly understood her. She had no friends, a handful of acquaintances, and even her family didn't fill the rift. Over the course of her middle school days, these feelings only grew stronger, and she was a typical sight to see if you glanced the treetops in the park, often sitting on branches watching the river go by at the Park or reading a book in a quiet, shaded corner of town.

Then came her freshman year of high school. It was time she decided to finally put her foot down, one of the only times she shook off her feelings of doubt and hesitance in order to do something about the condition of her life. She saw her new school as a new start, and though her social life would always be in shambles, and she couldn't make a big leap into doing something like getting herself into a clique, she could do something about her family life. One evening about a week after her first classes started, she caught her brother alone during a lunch break. He seemed to know she was acting different than usual, because she still remembers how the usual smile plastered on his face faltered. She tried to question him- to make sense of why their parents had always liked him, why they never really cared about her. Why he got so much attention during the day, what the conversations she always heard through muffling walls were about. He didn't take her line of questioning well, but couldn't dodge things like usual. Instead, his face changed, darkened. She still remembers his words vividly. He had said: "I can't explain, I wish I could... but I can't. There's something that's happening that I- that we can't tell you about. I-I'm not going to be a good person soon, and no matter how much you think they don't love you, this is all to protect you. Make something of your life and don't worry about me, okay?"

After their confrontation, things settled back down and went back to the shaky grounds that she often thought of as 'normal'. She never quite understood what her brother had been trying to say, but she knew better than to ever mention it to her parents seeking answers because they would know that he had slipped up and given something away. She just wished she knew what that something was. Only about a month after she turned 18, despite the fact that she was still in her final year of high school, she decided that enough was enough. She was almost never at home anyway, and her brother was still staying in the same room he had always been in, despite his age. He hadn't moved on to college, and the late-night conversations impossible for her to make out still continued. She was sick of hearing the same tones, seeing the worry suddenly present in all three of their eyes. Using money from a fund put away for her own college expenses, she moved into her own one bedroom apartment in the city.

Finally alone and moving on with her life, Bridgit rarely keeps in contact with her family, although she now gets regular calls from her Mom checking in on things, much more than they ever talked when they were under the same roof. She thought things were going normally, and for a time she was happy. But then, as if she woke up as a different person, she felt a strange shift. She couldn't quite put a finger on what it was, but in extreme silence she could swear she hears whispers, and the faded voice always comes with the feeling as if something is different deep within her. That she's changing somehow. Unbeknownst to her and her family, what they had feared and prepared her brother for had come true. Ghirahim, the monster carried in their bloodline, was awakening once more. However, it wasn't in the firstborn male as they had all but guaranteed would happen. For whatever reason, it had found itself in Bridgit, who was now alone and unaware of everything, completely unprepared for what was to come. Funny, how that works.

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Ancestor: Demon Lord Ghirahim
Rivals: None as of Yet
Known Techniques: None as of Yet
Owned Weapons: None as of Yet

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