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|--Basic Information--|

Name: Xander Antiqua
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: Oct 27th

|--Physical Information--|

Height: 5'9
Weight: 150
Physical Appearance:Xander Antiqua Cushar-4
Distinguishing Features: Long light lavender colored hair as well as sharp teal colored eyes are enough to bring him plenty of attention. Throw in his gimpy walk and odd looking walking cane and Xander ends up being quite the spectacle. While he does lack the pointed hat Xander does tend to dress himself in layered robe like garbs.


Personality: Xander has never been an excitable person. Unlike most kids he did not require his parents attention or the help of others to entertain him, he had always preferred to entertain and play among himself in some way or another. While he tends to hold a stoic and calm look about him there's a good chance that its far from what he's feeling. While an incredibly calm and thought out person it is incredibly easy for Xander's effortlessly swayed emotions to hold a large bias as to his actions and thoughts. With his emotions knowingly out of check he does his best to lack expression, he is dreadfully aware that if somebody caught on to his easily altered state then they may as well hold his remote in their hands.

while not necessarily anti social Xander does lack experience with other people, having been home schooled for his early life and using his voiceless elemental's as his source of interaction he lacks some of the obvious social skills that a person develops at the early ages of their life. He is quick to consider somebody a friend and yet lacks the knowledge of how friends should act towards each other making him seem either incredibly opinion less of somebody or overly joyed of their company. Not only has the lack of human interaction caused his social skills to plummet but they have also brought his morals to a skewed point, usually unsure of things that are socially acceptable to say or do, yet his fundamentals remain in the purest of sense good. Xander will rarely tell jokes or try to entertain others, while its unfair to say that he doesn't enjoy something funny now and then his sense of humor tends to be rather odd, finding the most uncommon, odd and obvious jokes to be the funniest.

Xander's biggest fear is the idea of losing his powers, not only are they the source of his relatively large ego they also partake as his only friends. Despite the feeling of being born as inferior or as a handicap with his ruined leg, Xander has always dreamed large, No matter what it was that he took up, from gaming to simple things such as attendance he always does them to the best of his ability with the hope of becoming the best at it.

Backstory:Xander had been born with a dysfunction, while he never bothered to ask his parents about it he knew well enough that it would always effect him, his right leg was a ruined mess of tendons and muscles, incapable of operation. However he did have a rather uneventful childhood, while his parents were rich it came with the obvious side effect of absence. The only other human that inhabited the rather large house that he roamed was a hired hand, his nanny and school teacher. He liked her well enough, however the books she assigned to him had never really peaked his interest. Instead of reading the standard literature that he was given Xander instead turned away towards epic tales of heroic knights and powerful wizards. Despite the tales usually being focused on these gallant and brave white knights it was always the prospect of magic that intrigued the boy. So it came with great glee when Xander discovered his ability at the feeble age of 6. It was the bolt elemental that came to him first, and he immediately made it his best friend. The nanny of course found out about it the same day, yet she knew of the families heritage, they had all expected the day to come yet had never spoken a word of it to Xander.

Despite his fascination with these creatures and the growing bond of his equally increasing family he had been told by his parents that these creatures were to be hidden away from the sight of others. This infuriated him, what was the point of these friends of nobody could ever know about them? For a moment he lost control and rampaged, turning towards the newest addition, the earth elemental, he reached a clawed hand into the creatures abdomen before ripping out a piece of him. The result was catastrophic, not only did Xander immediately fall to tears over murdering his friend and family but he also learned of the effect that tearing them apart had, the poison released from the elemental caused him to be hospital ridden for a week as his body went into deep fever fighting off the awful poison that had taken him over.

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Ancestor: Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Known Techniques: Much like his ancestor, Xander summons elemental creatures to both buff the people around him and fight for him, the buffs only last for as long as the elemental is summoned. The only time Xander can be directly aggressive is when he sacrifices his summons for an elemental blast
Summon Bolt: Passive: Increase magic damage dealt by anybody in the area
Summons a 3-foot tall energy elemental
Summon Flare: Passive: Increase Physical damage dealt by anybody in the area
Summons a 4-foot tall fire elemental
Summon earth: Passive: Increases physical defense of any in the area
Summons a 6-foot tall earth elemental
Summon Wind: Passive: Increase the speed/agility of any in the area
Summons a 2-foot tall wind elemental
Final: Elemental discharge: Sacrafice the currently summoned elemental for a spell to be cast.
Bolt: Thunder bolt - Unleash a bolt of lightning dealing a high amount of damage. (Cast from Xander)
Flare: Flare impulse -  A blast of fire explodes outward, dealing damage to anybody around the point of origin(Cast from either Xander or Fire elemental)
Earth: Poison Earth - The earth elemental splatters in an area around where he was standing, leaving the ground coated in poison(Cast from Earth elemental)
Wind: Razor wind - The wind elemental unbinds, unleashing razor sharp blasts of air in a cyclone like fashion around it (Cast from Wind elemental)
Owned Weapons: None needed. However he does wave his eldritch-esque walking stick around in weird ways while casting


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Pretty sweet, Approved~

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