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Post by Sumaru on Tue May 05, 2015 10:39 pm

|--Basic Information--|

Name:Autumn Morganstar
Nickname:Spring (For people who think they're clever)
Birthday:December 18th

|--Physical Information--|

Physical Appearance:Autumn Morganstar Good-job-club-gj-bu-kirara-bernstein-my-new-crush-after-konoe-subaru-08
Distinguishing Features:She has clip on cat ears that blend in with her hair. She also has a clip on cat tail that she clips onto her skirt or jeans.


Personality:Like a cat Autumn tends to get very close to people and attempt to get used to them. If you attempt to hurt her she'll flee or attack and probably never trust you ever again. Then again she is still human so even if you do hurt her she'll eventually be forgiving and attempt to be your friend all over again.

Backstory:Autumn was home schooled her whole life. Her parents gave her pills every day so that her ADHD and Dyslexia would not act up. This was true but it turns out the pills had something else in them. They were working inside of her preparing her body for what was to come. She was the successor to Kirby but she was still a normal girl who could not expand her mouth or suck anything up. So her parents worked there whole lives to make pills that would slowly help her body get used to the other pills they made. These other pills gave her abilities of Kirby's enemies from when he would suck them up. She never knew what her parents were trying to do. All she knew was that she loved cats. Her whole life she had a cat fascination and she took it up a notch when she got Neko Ears and a matching tail that blended in with her hair color. When she turned sixteen years of age her parents told her to go explore the world and explained who and what she was. They explained the pills to her and how these were her powers. She then took off to look for others like herself so that she could be part of a pack.

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Known Techniques:Transformation
Owned Weapons:Pill Case with Kirby Pills


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Autumn Morganstar Empty Re: Autumn Morganstar

Post by Avaritia on Wed May 06, 2015 9:24 pm

I'd love for Personality to be expanded upon in the future, but it's a good start. Approved unless the great deity, saver of men, known as El, reprimands my mortal words of approval.

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