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Post by Sumaru on Tue May 05, 2015 10:07 pm

|--Basic Information--|

Name:Jace Vazquez
Birthday:September 2nd

|--Physical Information--|

Physical Appearance:Jace Vazquez Cfa833252736a4d491a9a4f2d1ee9583
Distinguishing Features:Jace has a piercing on his left ear and a scar on his upper lip from when he was younger and attempted to bite a stapler. He tends to wear only black clothing items such as Leather jackets, hoodies, shirts, jeans and usually Black or dark blue converses.


Personality:Jace is a chill person at times. He is mostly shy and has a terrible fear of woman just like his Predecessor. He does not see why people like them fight and he doesn't wish to see them get hurt. It confuses him how fragile creatures like the female species would get thrown into a cruel world like this. He himself was trained sort of like his ancestors. He was thrown out into the free world where he was left fend for himself up until he hit the age of thirteen. This made him much more tougher but at the same time kinder because he doesn't wish for anyone to go through what he went through.

Backstory:Jace was thrown into the cruel slums at the age of five so that he could begin his training. He learned how to survive and scavenge. It was at this time that he became extremely shy because he had a tendency to go rogue and Lone wolf so that he could avoid human interaction at all costs since they would only hold him back. On his Tenth BirthDay he was given a gift. The sword of his ancestor the Killing Edge. It was an amazing Katana that he cherished and trained with day and night so that he could master it. He eventually learned how to use a bow as well and after rejoining his family at the age of thirteen he got a spare black steel Katana just in case the Killing Edge would fail him. When Jace turned Sixteen his family was slaughtered by unknown assailants so this caused Jace to go out into the scary open world. But it wasn't that he was scared but more like thrilled. He would be in his element as the true Lone Wolf he was raised to be.

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Known Techniques:Sword Breaker- The user channels all of his strength at one point in his Katana and goes for a fierce strike that can destroy an opponents weapon of choice (Depends On the Weapon, Can't break a Falchonion lol).
Owned Weapons:Compound Bow, Spare Black Steel Katana, Killing Edge *Lon'Qu's Katana*


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Jace Vazquez Empty Re: Jace Vazquez

Post by Avaritia on Wed May 06, 2015 9:34 pm

I like where this character is heading, approved unless stated otherwise~

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