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Iwi Harper(WIP) Empty Iwi Harper(WIP)

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[size=54]|--Basic Information--|[/size]

Name: Maori Harper
Nickname: Iwi, due to her name Maori. The New Zealand tribe.
Gender: Female
Age: 16, 18 if the cops ask.
Birthday: August 27

[size=54]|--Physical Information--|[/size]

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 117 lbs
Physical Appearance: Although maybe not particularly for her age, Iwi is definitely a small bird. As long as she can particularly remember, she's been shorter and she's been twig-like. Her frame is a more similar to that of a 9 year old than a 16 year old, with a particularly pinched waist and very thin arms and legs. Her skin is rather pale, but not entirely. Close to a peach tone, almost. Due to her specific frame, she almost never wears regular shirts because most of them don't fit her very well. So, more often than not, her choice of clothing will end up being very casual.

Her hair is a very beach blonde type of color, with a very odd style that is highly recognizable by anyone that knows her. Over her long, silky blonde hair, she wears a signature blue beanie cap that's slightly ratty and tends to not get washed for over several days at a time. On her left side, her long bangs are straightened down to almost a razor's edge. On the right side, her bang's curled, making it shorter length-wise than the left bang. While on occasion she tucks her hair in the back up into her cap, when it gets really long, she lets it hand completely loose against her back which she much greatly prefers. Adds to the sense of freedom. Her eyelashes are long, and her eyes a very bright green-ish hazel which tend to turn purple when she uses her powers and on rarer occasions they turn almost entirely black. Her nose is, what one would refer to as button-like and her cheeks are rather full. Her face is also rather round, and it's due to this description that many people end up saying that she looks very young.

Her eyes are slightly red at all times which can be explained by her status as a dedicated stoner. This is something that almost anyone that hangs around her often would know. Not just from the smoking itself, but the intense amount of shirts and dresses she owns featuring marijuana leaves, Snoop Dogg likenesses, and Major Lazer. At less casual occasions and gatherings, she often wears quite a few different floral patterned tank tops paired with the same blue seameless skirt with each top. Due to the fact that she plays for a local baseball team, on certain days she can be found wearing her uniform.

Distinguishing Features: Her rather distinct hair style and two scars. One on her right cheek under her eye and another one across her hairline on the left side of her face covered by her cap.




[size=54]|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|[/size]

Ancestor: Gigyas!!11! >:D Ness
Rivals: Gigyas, a Porky successor, mushrooms. People that hate Snoop Dogg.
Known Techniques:
Owned Weapons: An old, decrepit baseball bat.


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