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Thomas Qualton Gallifry (Done!) Empty Thomas Qualton Gallifry (Done!)

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|--Basic Information--|

Name: Thomas Qualton Gallifry
Nickname: Quail, Tommy to people that want to annoy him
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 3/22

|--Physical Information--|

Height: 7'5"
Weight: 214 lbs
Physical Appearance: For a very typical looking teenager, Thomas isn't very far off. Especially not for the delinquent that he very proudly claims to be. He's got a quite menacing physical appearance, with his quite unnatural height and his pretty uncommon build. He's quite, well, jacked, if you could put it that way. Spending a lot of time in the Gym, he's achieved rather well chiseled features and a particularly muscular figure. His skin is quite tanned, and stays that way consistently despite Thomas's hatred of the Sun. He has long, silky, beautiful hair that is very manageable that can take many forms and he has a penchant for having very odd haircuts, although he's apparently stuck with one for now.

As for clothing, Thomas wears some very stereotypical "gangster" clothing that he bummed off of some guy who actually was in a gang once. A nice, brown leather jacket with two red stripes going down vertically on one side of the jacket. Typically, underneath the jacket, he'll wear a white sleeveless t-shirt although there are occasions where he'll wear absolutely nothing underneath the jacket. He wears cargo shorts with lots of different pockets and such so that he can hide things in there or use them to store things that he's stolen. He also wears a pair of aviator's goggles on his forehead on certain days, not all the time however.
Distinguishing Features: Well, his narrow, piercing yellow eyes and his utterly ridiculous hair. His hair color and style changes almost consistently, but it seems he's recently settled on a blue rockabilly pompadour with the remnants of a mullet on the back.


Personality: Thomas is probably one of the worst people you could possibly meet in your lifetime, and that's no form of exaggeration. He's someone that would be referred to as a "Chad." He's a loud, crude, and entirely alpha. He believes in pure manpower over intelligence and planning, and often times will attempt to fight people much higher up than him and win due to his pure physical power. He believes in red meat, the power of consumerism, and good ol' Murica'. Well, not all of that's entirely true, but it's close enough to what he actually believes in.

Others tend to refer to Thomas as "scum." And they're not entirely wrong about that. He's insensitive, foul-mouthed, and is especially rude towards people of the female of the female gender. There's a very real and very annoying habit that Thomas has of hitting on each and every "good-looking" female he meets no matter what the quantity or the air of the situation. He also has a very bad tendency of getting himself in loads of trouble and having to have others get him out of it.

All of these traits have stemmed from one nice bad-seed in the potted plant, if you will. Thomas is lonely. And has been, since he was a child. He likes to think that by acting this way he can make himself seem superior to others and, therefore, evade loneliness. And underneath all of the burnt outsides, he's actually a very intelligent, insightful, and sweet guy that does rear his true face on some occasions. One of these occasions is in the circumstance that his friend Lydia needs his help, in which case he becomes very concerned and sensitive.

Backstory: Sometimes, there's a man. And I wouldn't say a he-ro. But sometimes, there's a man. And this man was no ordinary man. His name was Thomas Qualton Gallifry, and he was born to what one would refer to as a "white-trash" asshole dad, and a quite intelligent and very unfortunate woman. While pregnant with Thomas, his mother wasn't very sure with what to do. Her relationship with her "husband" was very volatile, and often ended with her being attacked but she had nowhere to go. So she took to hiding with a friend she met while waiting for one of her check-ups. After giving birth to Thomas, she left her newborn baby with this friend, after weeks of considering what to do.

So with his mother out of his life, and his father never in his life, Thomas was already at a bit of a deficit. And, unfortunately for his mother who trusted the man she left her child with, he wasn't exactly the most trustworthy figure and especially wasn't the best at the whole being a single parent thing. More often than not, Thomas was allowed to do whatever he wanted despite what consequences he should've gotten. And, while he found that nice, what came with that was a large lack in care towards him in general. When he came home after school, being dropped off by the school bus, there was seldom someone there. And when there was, it was typically some cheap floozy that his parent bought off of the street somewhere. After a couple of years of this, almost 12 exactly, Thomas felt like the fact that he could come and go as he pleased was a sign and he left his "home" and hoofed it to an entirely new town using the guy's wallet, a hobo bindle, and a can of hair spray.

After cementing himself a new life in this new town, living with a local gang that was comprised of many no-name thugs that didn't know the second thing about being threatening. That changed for the better when Thomas arrived. He clawed his way to the top ranks of this gang, using his street smarts, brute strength, and Yami-tier hair. He also found a couple of interesting friends among the crowds of so-called idiots.

|--Ancestry,Ability, and Possessions--|

Ancestor: Groose
Rivals: Link, Zelda, Link's companions, Ganondorf, Demise, Ghirahim
Known Techniques: None, aside from pure douche-baggery.
Owned Weapons: Do multiple switchblades count?

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Thomas Qualton Gallifry (Done!) Empty Re: Thomas Qualton Gallifry (Done!)

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Look's good, approved!


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